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Breakfast and After School Club

Breakfast Club information


Children may arrive from 7.30am. Breakfast is available until 8.20am. Children can enjoy a range of activities, including some of our morning sports clubs. Key Stage 2 children go directly to their classes from the playground and Early Years / KS1 children are taken to their classrooms. Any child arriving after 8.20 must have breakfast before arriving. This is to ensure that they are able be in their class and ready to learn at 8.35am. 


After School Club information


At 3.15pm children from Early Years up to Year 4 are taken over to the club; children in Years 5 and 6 walk on their own. All children are marked on a register for safeguarding and health and safety purposes.


Nursery & Reception will be in their own dedicated area in the Reception classrooms (Early Years Club) until around 5.30 (depending on numbers); at which point they will join the main club in the Benedict building.


For children using the club from 3.15pm – 4.30pm a drink and a small snack is provided.


For children using the club from 4.30pm – 6.30pm a drink and light tea is provided in addition to the fruit.  


Children are encouraged to become more independent in getting their refreshments and snacks, and tidying up their plates and utensils.  They are encouraged to leave the area in a clean manner as they would at home.


Activities are available from the start of the club at 3.15pm until 6.15pm, leaving 15 minutes to allow for children to tidy up and be ready to be collected on time by parents or carers. 


The following types of activities are available


  • Varied games suitable for all ages. The variety of games includes board games which help development of social skills and single player games.
  • The use of the computer suite, depending on flexibility within school, available for research and games.
  • Use of the school library, books and magazines available in a quiet area.
  • Variety of colouring, drawing and art materials and activities.
  • An area is available for those who wish to check/do homework (this is children’s choice, not enforced and not to be used as a form of tuition).
  • Outdoor activities - weather permitting.
  • Children are able to choose their own activities.


We want this club to be relaxing, enjoyable and seen as a social opportunity where the children spend time with their friends.


Members of staff are available to interact and play with the children throughout.


Children will be encouraged to pack away any equipment as they leave, and at 6.15pm the remaining children will be assisting staff in tidying away the equipment, in preparation for the closure of the school.

6.25pm children will collect their belongings and be ready for collection by parents or carers.

Booking information


Our club is currently full, however we are operating a waiting list. Please advise the school office of your interest in a place at our club.  We need to know if this is a regular booking or ad hoc, and if you would like to pay with vouchers.  Once a place becomes available you will be added to the register in ParentMail and will be able to book your sessions.

Childcare Vouchers 


We are currently accepting the following vouchers.


Voucher Provider

School Reference








E11 2TA

Enjoy Benefits

E11 2TA



Bravo Benefits

n/a - Parents must request OLOL to be added to their account with Bravo 

Reward Gateway


Tax-Free Childcare (Government Scheme)

n/a – search via our Post Code E11 2TA


If you do not see the voucher scheme you would like to use, please contact the school office. 

Breakfast and Afterschool Club Terms and Conditions



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