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Religious Education

We are a Catholic School,

We strive to be a sign of Christ’s presence in the world.

We follow Jesus.


Religious Education is at the root of everything we do in our school as we strive to proclaim the Gospel Values.

At Our Lady of Lourdes, we believe that the first educators in the faith are parents. Our school enhances the partnership between home and parish, and our mission statement champions our aim to stimulate and promote growth at whatever stage a child may be on their faith journey.

Our Mission Statement is the focus of each day in all we teach, learn and play.

All children take part in a range of liturgies.


Each classroom has a small prayer table and crucifix which is the focus for their worship. We have formal and informal worship each day. Children participate in prayers, readings and singing, and are encouraged to be reflective. Parents are invited to class led assemblies which take place on a Friday. Dates for these can be found in the school newsletter or termly R.E. topic letter. Also, throughout each term there will be whole school masses and opportunities to take part in Reconciliation. Church seasons are also reflected in our worship such as Harvest, Christmas and Easter.


We have a very close relationship with Our Lady of Lourdes Church and Father Patrick is a regular visitor to our school. The Our Lady of Lourdes Church Catechetical Co-ordinator also works alongside staff.  Years 4 to 6 children regularly take part in the Sunday liturgy at the church and on other special occasions.

The school has links with outside agencies such as CAFOD and regularly raises money for good causes. There is a CAFOD Club offered to Key Stage Two children. We also visit local residential homes for the elderly and include them in our Christmas celebrations.


We have a small chapel used for reflective prayer and other liturgies.

Through prayer and worship, we seek to help our pupils grow and develop their faith and relationship with God.


Our taught R.E. is a very important part of our curriculum time.

We follow the Come and See programme of study as advised by the Bishop’s Conference as our main teaching tool.  There are three topics per term and information about these are found in the termly RE letter to parents. The letter also gives ideas to support all children in their home learning. Twice a year we have a dedicated week where another World Faith is studied. We also spend time learning about Remembrance. A variety of teaching styles are used to deliver the R.E. curriculum and children produce written work, art   work and drama. At all times scripture is at the heart of our learning.  


We believe that Religious Education provides children with opportunities to recognise, affirm and celebrate the gifts and talents they and others have been given. They are encouraged to develop the skills which will enable them to think and question more deeply and lead, ultimately to a greater understanding and appreciation of faith.  



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